The Sourcing Factory evolved from Blitz by Design, a well-known design and manufacturing company founded in 2004. As the manufacturing needs of our clients have transformed over the years, so too have we. The Sourcing Factory now procures your products from Asia for remarkable prices, while continuing to maintain its reputation for high quality products.

The Sourcing Factory is a family run business that specialises in

  • Product design
  • Procurement
  • Total project management
  • Warehousing & Delivery

With its main office located in Melbourne, The Sourcing Factory employs staff both locally and overseas. Management regularly travel to Asia to oversee projects and ensure quality is maintained every step of the way. The Sourcing Factory also undertakes some in house manufacturing, locally in Australia.

The Sourcing Factory is an Australian owned business that has been procuring from Asia for many years. During this time, we have built strong relationships with several key manufacturers in Asia. These partnerships mean increased flexibility and high quality products for you. Simply convey your needs to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Reduce costs

Innovative manufacturing and design mean your products are made more efficiently, decreasing the cost to you

High Quality

Your products are guaranteed to be manufactured to a high standard due to our strict prototype policies and thorough inspection process.

Easy Communication

With Australian management and bilingual staff in Asia.

We ensure that your product is made exactly to specifications

Part of your Team

We go above and beyond to manage your projects. So that you can focus on selling. 

Quote in AUD

We give you one price in AUD that includes all taxes, logistics & Freight


You provide a concept and we'll design a product to suit your specific needs


We have excellent relationships with our suppliers

Project Manage

We maintain a physical presence to monitor your projects every step of the way


We can hold your product for you in our Australian warehouse until you need it


We deliver on time, every time, to your desired location