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We Do More than Just Source

With a huge range of products and services, and the flexibility for full customisation, we cover all your metal fabrication needs. 40 years of metal fabrication experience ensures The Sourcing Factory know exactly what you need to produce a quality product a the right price. We endeavour to address all of your concerns and provide practical solutions specific to your project.

At The Sourcing Factory we know that cutting the manufacturing cost of a product doesn’t need to reduce quality. We use three tried and true ways to cut costs and maintain product condition: re engineering the product, long term investment and using the right supplier for the job.

Ethical Policy

Ethical sourcing is an issue we take very seriously.

At The Sourcing Factory we believe that all workers have the right to a fair wage, reasonable work hours and a safe working environment.

We go to great lengths to ensure The Sourcing Factory’s products are ethically sourced.


Environmental Sustainability

At The Sourcing Factory we strive to minimise our impact on the environment.

We incorporate environmentally friendly practices into all areas of our business – from choosing our suppliers to reducing waste at the office.

We also promote ecologically sound designs wherever possible to ensure The Sourcing Factory supplies products that are both sustainable and practical.