Metal Fabrication

From sheet metal and stainless steel to heavy industrial fabrication


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With a huge range of products and services, and the flexibility for full customisation, we cover all your metal fabrication needs. 40 years of metal fabrication experience ensures The Sourcing Factory know exactly what you need to produce a quality product a the right price. We endeavor to address all of your concerns and provide practical solutions specific to your project.

At The Sourcing Factory we know that cutting the manufacturing cost of a product doesn’t need to reduce quality. We use three tried and true ways to cut costs and maintain product condition: re engineering the product, long term investment and using the right supplier for the job.


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Re-engineering the product

With many years experience in design and manufacturing, The Sourcing Factory team specialise in re-designing products and production processes for higher efficiency. This can include substituting proposed materials for low cost materials, and identifying non essential processes to consider the benefits of reducing or eliminate them. We also study the size, shape and function of the product for ways to make production more efficient without impacting the item’s key functions.

Long term investment

At The Sourcing Factory we don’t just reduce prices for the short term, we also invest in efficient equipment that reduces costs now as well as into the future. We negotiating with our suppliers and contribute to investment in new machinery that is beneficial to all parties, especially you, our customer.

Using the right supplier for the job

With a dynamic network of suppliers across China, The Sourcing Factory has the flexibility to choose the right one for your project. We maintain connections with trustworthy manufacturers and warrant that each is a mutually beneficial relationship that provides the best outcomes for our customers. You can be confident that our price is the lowest price possible for the quality that you need. We cater for custom one off projects as well as on going orders.