About Us

As a family business with 40 years’ experience in Design and Manufacturing,

The Sourcing Factory team are passionate about designing, engineering, manufacturing and procuring cost effective, quality products and delivering them on time.

We understand the challenges faced by many purchasing departments trying to implement cost saving strategies, while still obtaining high-quality products. Dealing with the day-to-day issues, purchasing departments, simply cannot allocate time to achieve the desired cost saving results.

The Sourcing Factory team work closely with your key stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome. Our combined experience in design and manufacturing with our strong international partnerships and staff allows us to design, engineer, manufacture and/or source quality products quickly from reliable suppliers at very competitive prices. While consolidating container loads allows us to ship products on a regular basis, ensuring timeframes can be met.


To provide our clients a holistic process, from design through to product delivery. Our design, procurement and project management services will ensure you get what you want, while reducing costs and providing ongoing savings that will transfer not only to your bottom line but also to ensure your company not only remains competitive within your industry but as an innovator within it.



All of our suppliers, products and designs go through extensive testing and auditing during manufacture and upon completion to ensure that we bring you the  highest quality and complete functionality